Common Washer and Dryer Problems

Whenever your washing machine or washer dryer develops some problem, perhaps you may need a repairman to fix it. The following are general tips to help you know that the machine is not in good condition, and then decide whether or not to call a Dayton appliance repair expert.

Machine Is Not Spinning

This problem usually happens when sensors are out of balance because they interpret the size of loads in the washer or dryer. If a small load is construed as a probable risk to the machine, you will realize it is producing too much vibration, which can also lead to damage on the cabinet, drum, and stress on the bearing. However, too much load can cause a spinning problem, and this is indicated by failure to drain properly. Another cause of this problem is worn out carbon brushes, as they slow down the performance of the motor. In case you are not conversant with the machine repair work, contact an appliance maintenance specialist to fix the problem.

Machine Is Not Draining

When you notice there is a lot of water on the computer, it implies drainage is poor. Gravity draining is usually applied to remove the water, but it might be very challenging if there is no built-in emergency drain in the machine. This problem can be solved by the owner simply by pulling the drain-hose and then drain the water into a basin. However, if you think the job is a bit technical, don’t hesitate to call an expert to assist you.

washing machineA Fault Code

When a machine displays an error code, it just indicates there is a problem that should be fixed. A letter/number or flashing lights appear to show the repairman some insight about the problem, but not the exact source or area of the problem. These codes differ from machine to machine, depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, you can search for similar fault code report so that you can identify the cause of the malfunction. However, it is advisable to check everyday things such as water supply and filter before calling an expert.

Machine Is Noisy

The machine may produce a lot of noise if there is something trapped in the drum such as coin or wire. Several models have detachable drum paddles to allow the user remove such things. If the machine does not have removable paddles, the obstacles can be eliminated through the sump hose hole or heater hole. In case the bearings fail, the machine can start producing noise. This can also cause the drum to play up and down with a rumbling sound, indicating that the bearings are faulty.

Machine Door Is Not Opening

Modern machines detect when there is water, and the door will not open to prevent flooding and other safety risks. Once the machine realizes it is safe to open the door, it will do so. However, failure to open the door even when there is no water, it means the machine’s lock door devices are faulty.

The owner can solve the above common problems, but it is recommended to seek assistance from an expert to avoid damaging your appliance.