Reglazing Sinks and Tile Areas

If you do not need to remodel the whole of your bathroom, reglazing can be a better alternative to make the bathroom look brand new. Replacing several fixtures such as bathtub and cabinets can be expensive regarding money, and therefore reglazing can save you thousands of dollars. Bathroom remodeling involves removing the old fixtures and installing new ones, plumbing, and electrical wiring, which might cost you thousands of dollars.

Reglazing Bathroom Sinks

refinished-sinkMany home improvement companies have estimate calculators where customers can enter details including the zip codes and some sinks that need to be glazed. The results give the rough estimate for a primary job under normal working conditions. The estimates are used for initial planning, but not the accurate quotes from a company. Therefore, homeowners can contact professionals to obtain more accurate estimates for refinishing services before striking a deal.

Based on the rough estimates, you will know the cost of materials, as well as the cost of delivering them to your site. Also, the cost of transporting equipment to and from your home is included. There is the cost of preparing the site and cost of protecting the structures that are already in place. The experts include these costs to take full responsibility for ensuring other components and finishes are not interfered with during sink reglazing. The estimates also incorporate clean up costs, as well as debris removal once the project is completed. A few of the bathroom remodeling companies usually charge hourly jobs, and the labor costs will also be included.

However, the estimate will not include the cost of modifying electrical wiring, plumbing, or any existing framing. If there are hazardous materials such as asbestos that need to be handled carefully, the estimate will not include the cost of testing or remedying them. In case you need a general contractor to supervise the project, the cost of paying the contractor will not be included in the estimate. Other expenses that are not listed in the calculation include inspection and permit fees, and sales tax on the materials to be purchased.

Reglazing Tile Areas

tile-reglazingBathroom tile was reglazing cost ranges from as little as $16 to $143, making it an affordable method to upgrade your bathroom. Bathroom tiles usually become old over time, and eventually, lose their aesthetic value. Some homeowners may choose to replace the tiles, but it is an expensive and time-consuming task. Removing the tiles around the tub may require some modification on the walls, and also some plumbing may be necessary. To avoid such hectic and costly job, reglazing the tiles can be a better alternative. It involves cleaning and repairing the tiles, and then a new luster is applied on the tiles. It is a straightforward and cheap method to restore the life of your bathroom tiles, without investing too much money.

All tile areas in your bathroom can be reglazed. Some of the sectors that you may want to reglaze are walls, floors, countertops, and showers. Surface tiles suitable for reglazing include cultured marble, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, fiberglass, and laminate tiles.