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description:The AFC Champions League (AFC Champions League), also known as the Asian Champions League, referred to as the AFC Champions League or the AFC Champions League, is an Asian club football event held every year by the AFC. The top 12 associations in the "Asian War Points" have direct The places to participate in the group stage, and the remaining 12 group stage places will be generated through the preliminary stage (Preliminary Stage) and playoff stage (Playoff Stage). The AFC Champions League is the highest level of club football in Asia. It is equivalent to the UEFA Champions League in Europe and the Copa Libertadores in South America. It is higher than the AFC Cup. The winning team will represent the AFC in December of that year. FIFA Club World Cup.

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2023-10-02 Monday

2023-10-03 Tuesday

2023-10-04 Wednesday

2023-09-20 Wednesday

2023-09-19 Tuesday

2023-09-18 Monday

2023-08-23 Wednesday

2023-08-22 Tuesday

2023-08-16 Wednesday

2023-08-15 Tuesday

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